Alive and Have Dreams

But None

What has come to be a fear for your little self, what has come? Why should time move faster than I thought? What has come to make me alone, dear my little self; I am too afraid to say and... Continue Reading →

What’s Out There?

I wonder how, I wonder why; like a lyrics of a song, which insists of questions and worries. I told the moon my heart should be up there but I felt it fell to the ground, I failed about proving... Continue Reading →


Some people around me and are supposed to be close to me, apparently are not the right people to tell about my whole story and especially about what I feel. When I kept everything as a secret, I became so... Continue Reading →

A Time

There is this time, coming like a bomb in a very short period, exploding. Feelings that God decide to change; from happiness to sadness. You were trapped here in a situation you never expected. Should I cry so hard in... Continue Reading →


In many ways I pass in my life, mostly there were very bad situation, before it found its end (the journey), suddenly I was given an opportunity. This situation made it looked like I was the person who was lucky... Continue Reading →

A Leaving

Apparently, he visited my life quicker than I thought; with (maybe) a yellow blouse I remembered, spinning my little body through the air, and I felt like "What was more amazing than this feeling and time right now?", and everything... Continue Reading →

My Sweet Elephant Doll

There is a small pink elephant doll which I keep everyday. He becomes my friend since October 29, 2017. There isn't something special about him until we have connection I try to build. We used to forget about loving things;... Continue Reading →

I am Sorry

Today, I feel so sad, inside of my heart, to my dearest Mom, and I think there is no way to cure this sorry feeling besides writing something about it. And now that I can feel what my Mom wants... Continue Reading →

Dear Me

Dear Me, Remember, that you cannot have everything. It's a priority you should put in life. You shouldn't be selfish. And between these two opportunities, which one do you prefer if it's impossible to do both? I know it's promising... Continue Reading →

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