Alive and Have Dreams

Tentang Kimia UGM

Tetiba pengen curhat. Yah, kuakuin ini emang efek ngerjain tugas kuliah, hahah. Harusnya aku emang lebih rajin lagi dalam me-manage waktu sehingga bisa tidur lebih awal dan otomatis ngerjain di siangnya. Tapi entah kenapa kadang konsentrasi itu lebih enak di... Continue Reading →

It’s Gonna be Okay

Hi, guys. Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like there is nothing you can hope for? You have tried everything to be on your line plan list and your schedule book. But in the process of... Continue Reading →

Random Post for Questions

Dear, everyone. It's been a long time that I haven't posted here. Sometimes, we always think too much to post in order to make something looks perfect, don't we? The another reason is the feeling of skepticism if there wouldn't... Continue Reading →

anggelinamenulis Goes to Malaysia

Hello, my dear friends all around the world! Come back with me again after several months I haven't posted here. I'm really sorry for that as I was preparing myself for the program I joined named Scholarship Indonesia Foundation (Scholarion).... Continue Reading →

Tips Menjadi Manusia ‘Pinter’

NB : (baru tahu kalo NB bisa ditaruh di bagian paling atas tulisan :p). For the sake of God, I'm telling you I'm NOT a smart person, but I just try to tell you how to become a little bit... Continue Reading →

A Click Helps Me

Guys, I join a program called Scholarion. This program will allow me to go Malaysia in Januari 8-10, 2018. The topic is out of my major. It's about ASEAN Economic Community as an Update on the Current Challenges that Facing... Continue Reading →

Do Not Ever Think to Stop!

"Violence is not something rare. It started a long time ago. People then thought how to stop violence to make a better world which is why we have rules in every country about how to act toward others. The subjects... Continue Reading →

We Couldn’t Speak English! Sorry.

For some people perhaps it’s very easy to master the English language. They were born in the countries that have English as their mother tongue. They pass day by day speaking in English as their parents teach them. It starts... Continue Reading →

Depression is Our Friend, So Be Friendly!

I give you a morning to serve you an eye An eye to tell you that you should be my first one to understand my restless I give you a night to serve you a peace A peace to tell... Continue Reading →

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