[I’d Like to Go…]

THAT time, I was in the 9th-grade junior high school, I read a social science book. It was written some of the interesting and famous universities around the world. My eyes stopped for the name of Boston University. It was maybe I loved the letter ‘B’ as I loved the Biology lesson. Well, from the day on, I started loving Boston and felt like it was the one place I really wanted to go. Not long from that, in 2011, I heard that two bombs were exploded in Boston. I was so surprised. I tried to know more about that country. Now, at least I know that Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. It is the largest city in Massachusetts and the state capital. There are more than two famous universities in Boston such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston University, and Harvard University. I am still dreaming how I can save lots of money and improve my English to go there. I wish I can.

Best regards for Boston!

[I’d Like to Meet…]

I’D like to meet Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist that gave so many discoveries of things in the world. He was German. He died on 18th of April, 1955. He lived from 1879 as he was born in Ulm, Württemberg, German Empire in 14th of March. He was so famous because of his relativity theory and how he could change the thinkings of people about bad things of him. I really admire him. It was because he worked hard to prove that everyone could reach her/his dreams if we worked hard and believed in God. If I could meet him, I would say “Hello, I’m your big fan!”. The question I wanted to ask him was “How I can be the genius and how I can be the one that everyone always reminds?”


I wrote this when I was having my English course and that time I was in senior high school. As I saw this back, I feel like I was writing the letter for my future. Hopefully, these dreams will come true although with a different kind of way, time that I never know, and how they can be reached. At least, I can have the essences.