Hello. Good day to everyone! xD. Today, I wanna share you this short story that is written by myself, Anggelina Purnama. Here it is.

ONE hot Sunday morning would be with me. The day showed that the sun had just been rising up to the clear sky. But, it was okay for me because my friends and I were planning to go to one of my friend’s uncle’s house, Sita. It was just a little vacation to refresh our mind because we had finished our examination.

After walking so long, I thought that I was so tired so I stopped and closed my eyes for a minute. But, suddenly I felt there was something wrong had happened. Wow, I made sure that there were three dogs. The two were in front of me and the one was behind me. “Help!” I screamed. Where the two persons were? I didn’t see them. Oh my God, what should I do?

One of the Dogs was Yellow-brown Colour

I kept my position for a while and then running quickly like a runner expert. The dogs groaned, and the chasing me. I was so nervous. I was afraid if they would catch me later. I didn’t care. I did my best for running. Unintentionally, the thing had gone bad. I slipped on the way which I didn’t know where it was.

The dogs were getting nearer. I gave up. I just stayed on the spot I fell. Hastily, raining was coming. Oh, thank you, God! The dogs finally got back to a house. It didn’t need five minutes because my friends were coming, and they helped me soon. When I asked them about the dogs, they told me a fact that the house was Sita’s uncle’s house, and the dogs were his. The reason they left me was they forgot that I did not know Sita’s uncle’s house. Well, I was so surprised not for the reason, but for the relation between Sita’s uncle and the dogs.

Although I was embarrassed because my clothes were full of mud, I gratitude to God because the dogs failed chasing me.

I wanna notice you if this exactly isn’t the true story I experienced by myself. I write this story just for fun. If you love this story, please give me a like. You can also commentate below as you have ideas about this funny story xD. Feel free to share this with your family and friends. Be sure you give the writer’s name and/or the source. Love you so much, guys! :’)