Beasiswa DataPrint is a scholarship provided for students (high school and college) in Indonesia. This scholarship is done as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of DataPrint Company.

DataPrint Company offers you printer inks to let you ease your home works and assignments from school or college and other works you do. There is a coupon in the box of DataPrint printer ink when you buy it to apply the scholarship for students. In addition, DataPrint also gives chances to the non-student customers to apply in order to get prizes in money form. But it’s just for those who submit lots of coupons who will win the lottery.

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It’s free for everyone to apply her/his application. It doesn’t have specific relations with some high schools or colleges so that everyone can have the same opportunity for getting the scholarship. One of the requirements thatย isย needed to apply is an essay. So, you have to make an essay about the topic required for the year you apply. There are two periods in a year. Be sure you apply just one of the periods because if you apply both you will be disqualified.

The other requirements are you should be involved in some organizations of your school or college and you don’t use narcotics also haven’t ever done criminality.

For further information, you can contact the scholarship program here or as the company information explained.