Hello-hi! xD. Today is a nice day, isn’t it? I hope life is treating you well today. So, I’m coming with my new surprising short story. This one is titled 13th of August, 2012.

I remember something that had happened about 3 months ago to my sister and her friends.13th of August was the 17th birthday of my chubby sister, and I did forget what day it was, I meant why we got a little holiday from school.

13th of August was the 17th birthday of my chubby sister, and I did forget what day it was, I meant why we got a little holiday from school.

That day in the morning, I just said a few words “Happy Birthday”. I had no idea. Neither I nor my mother had the present for her.

I tempted her sometimes, but I felt so sad because she was just keeping silent. And, when I asked her why, she said there was nothing special. Well, I was trying an attempt to tell some of my school problems like homework, etc. and making her for sure I really needed some advice for those. Giving some jokes was also good for having fun together.

Then about 1 p.m., my sister looked beginning bored. I knew she was going to take a nap. But, not long from that, her friends came to our house by a red car. By asking “Where is your sister?”. I answered slowly, “She is on the way to go to Dream Land. Is there any message for leaving then or do you want to…”, “We need to meet her, Anggel” said one of the two girls, Leeny. I had not answered yet, and without permission, they quickly entered my sister’s room. I consciously just knew that they brought a box of… I knew it was a cake.

The Cake Should Be Like This

After that, I heard two voices said at one time, “Many returns of the day. May God bless you!”. I tried to get to the situation. I looked my sister was very happy because her smile showed and her face was full of uproars.

“Let us take a walk around this!” Bianca said. Yes, it was the right time because my mother was not at home just now, she was in my grandparent’s house.

When the time came to 3 p.m., bruuuuukkk… kkk… I who was in my room fast went out and looking a red car collided a motorcycle. I was seeing that there was a man who was in pain. His mouth was cut and his tooth was fractured. I knew every heart skipped a beat. “Off we go to the hospital now!” Leeny shouted.

When The Red Car Got Collided With The Motorcycle

When they got on, Leeny who was driving nudged the edge of our bench, but it did not matter, I knew she was nervous. I then called my mother, hoping she would get back home soon.

Can You Look at How Sad The Red Car Would Be?

A half hour later, my mother returned home and I told what had been happened. She said it might be because 13 digits of my sister’s birthday which was sending something bad for us. But, I did not believe, it was such as myth.

The Myth We Sometime Believe In

Hastily, a thing was going on my mind. Oh my God… it was Monday! And, I had an English course. I would be late.

This is all of my strange experience. And, I think I’m not gonna forget it soon. It is really saved in my memory as well.