By: Anggelina Purnama

God is…
An arrow to go believing
A street to go home
A key to go to the dreams
A place to go crying

God is…
Like an invisible light, but can lighten you colorfully
Like an infinite circle, but can show you the right place

God is who?
God is who catches you to where you should be
God is who provides you to the faith to let you feel peace
God is who you must hope for… whatever hard work you do

God is Faithful


I know that you likely have the different religion with me. Whatever it is or even you are an atheist, you must have a ‘thing’ you believe in this world. You can believe in whoever ‘God’ you believe in. But one thing you have to notice is that the strength comes when you believe though if it comes only from your own self. Well, I wanna know who do you believe in the most? If you don’t have what called God, then what or who?