I’ve ever thought about how my name comes. And, just like many common people ask, I also have the same question like, “Why is Anggel, not Angel?”. Yes, Anggel seems a little bit strange. There are ‘double g’ there. But, I realize that what makes my name different.

“Is there any problem with your name?”, I asked myself. Yes. Sometimes, my name written in the certificates were wrong. But, it decreased as I entered my university. Maybe, in the remote area (my hometown) people didn’t really see how details take a BIG part, even a little bit!

One day, I asked my mother, “Mom, why is my name Anggel, why not Angel?”. My Mom answered me that she was randomly choosing a name after gave me birth. Then, she was thinking about her friend name, Angelina. So, she gave me Angelina Purnama as my name. The last name is not as American people or other countries that use it as the family name. My last name ‘Purnama’ doesn’t have any meaning in a specific term. My father said it’s better to put one more ‘g’ to be Anggelina Purnama. As it’s clearer, my father regarded it as we pronounce ‘Ang Pao’. When we pronounce ‘Ang Pao’ fast, the ‘Ang’ is clearer because the different consonants between ‘g’ and ‘p’ so it would be heard like pronouncing the first syllable of ‘Ang Pao’. Well, what is Ang Pao, anyway?

How Ang Pao Looks Like

Source of image: the-best-chinese-culture.blogspot.com

Ang Pao is like an envelope but it’s smaller, colored red that is used to give money as a ‘present’ in the Chinese New Year (I have the Chinese heritage from my grandparents). Usually, parents give the Ang Pao to their children, older people give it to younger people they are close to, and so on.

Anggel vs Angel

My father wanted me to be like Ang Pao, I think. He wanted me to grow up as a girl who gives happiness to others. The red color of Ang Pao describes energy, brave, power, and strong. He wanted me to be like that. That’s what I concluded from what my Mom told me. When people want to call my name, I don’t really care how they pronounce it as long as it’s referred to my real name, lol.

As I grow up until this time, I’ve ever tried to give cut off in my name. Anggelina Purnama, and I separate it into An(g)gel in a Purnama. Here, my name part almost refers to ‘Angel’. In English, ‘Angel’ means angel (such kinds of fairy). But there is ‘(g)’ which means I am not that ‘fairy’, I am an angel with different kinds of form. 😜 I am not beautiful physically, also not really good emotionally and spiritually. But, I love to try something new, having friends, writing, reading, traveling. I’m different, yet having a dream to be like the real angel that is the symbol of perfection, hahah. Then, Purnama in Indonesia means full moon. Full moon describes beauty and shade. It gives us the light when we are in the dark. Everyone is amazed by just looking at it. Just like me as my parents hope I will be like. So, I am An(g)gel in a full moon. Here we go! I’m ready to completely accept my wonderful and meaningful name. How about ya? What does your name mean? If your parents didn’t have a meaning for your name, then you CAN make it yourself! 😁