April is something I really love the most. April is undoubtedly wonderful. In April, there are more than two days which are the most important days for me. If some people would like to say about the April Mop completed with the pranks, I’d like to say about the other beautiful things to reflect completed with the wishes.

I imagine living in the four seasons country. So, April should be in spring. In spring, there are flowers blooming. The flowers will totally give us their best view colorfully. I’ve ever read an article writing that spring is the time for you to regenerate what you’ve done in your life. Besides, there is also a problem that can happen in spring, like tornadoes. There are many ways to see the positive side and also the negative one, just like a birthday.

Spring in Boston, Massachusetts

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The birthday I’m going to talk is not about my birthday. It’s someone else birthday, but very close to myself. Like a mirror, she is living in my body and soul. She is who you know from this site. She certainly is anggelinamenulis. The first question must be, “Are you different with anggelinamenulis?”. NO, SHE IS ME. But, as long as we are the same. We still have something different. They are the birthdays, expressiveness, and how they are living their lives.

I was born on April 18, 1997. And, I can be so expressive some time, but I can also be so plain. I’m living in the real life and some people here can also meet me almost every day. In the other side, anggelinamenulis was built up on April 11, 2016. The date is exactly a week before the real mine. This anggelinamenulis usually performs so expressively. She writes poems, short-story, articles, Puisi Cinta Kimia, Chemistry reports, her invisible dreams, CINTABORATORIUM, and somehow you can describe her as a person who is very loving, caring, gentle, funny, inspiring, and cheerful. And, she is living in a place that’s connected to all around the world.

The first time I was making this anggelinamenulis site was because of my passion for writing. We should have different stories and kind of solutions we give to our problems in order to survive. One of the ways I found astonishingly was writing. Writing keeps me stronger. How can it be? I’m sure, writing is not the only way. But, writing can be one of the ways. When you start writing, you give your emotions like sadness, fear, happiness, doubt, distress, loveliness, and many others. You try to arrange about how the emotion comes by giving your statements structurally. One simplest thing to say about writing IS you tell about YOURSELF to YOU.

There might be a difficult situation when I decided to start writing by making anggelinamenulis. There were fear and worry about how I could take a place in the hearts of everyone who sees my writings. I thereafter took the best decision. That is me now who is looking how right I was to choose anggelinamenulis as a place to reflect and understand myself. Then, understand the others follows.

In a year anggelinamenulis exists, there are many opinions, suggestions, compassionate comments, and supports. The anggelinamenulis has also been an inspiration to others. I won’t write all of them one by one, but they are all really meant to me. I discuss many things with you and read many motivating posts. I understand I can learn a lot from all of you.

The First Year Birthday of anggelinamenulis

The name ‘anggelinamenulis’ contains two words. They are ‘anggelina’ and ‘menulis’. Menulis is an Indonesian word, and in English it means ‘writing’. There was a HOPE I gave to this name to make me keep my enthusiasm for writing. The word ‘writing’ here refers to ‘is writing’, then it’s being a verb. So that, I can always remember my interest to keep working, writing, dreaming, catching, and never giving up on them.

This April 11, 2017 is where anggelinamenulis should give her commitment to keep writing. The simplest wish doesn’t mean to JUST keep writing. But, there must be the other new ways to increase the quality of my writings, broaden our knowledge by reading more, more posts written in the international language to involve the world to let you all know what I’m writing about, and giving many new innovations like writing about books review, series of continued story, reflection about life, and having more links and friendships.

Thanks for all of the supports everytime and everywhere from you, guys! Maybe, there will be hard times to defend the dreams, but I believe it all will be back to the first reason WHY I started. There are no suitable words to give besides “A Big Thank I Wanna Say. And, I Dedicate This Writing to All of You”. 😊

NOTE: I’ve been reading my new novel these days, titled “To Kill A Mockingbird”. If there is anyone who has read this novel. Please, kindly giving your perception and opinions about the novel. I’d like to examine this literature novel that firstly published in 1960 by Harper Lee.

The Book Cover of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Novel

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This novel was also the Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and of course a best-selling one. I’ve ever read a writing saying it’s a must for the little Americans to read this in the school age, is that right?

Anyway, DON’T forget to give your wishes to the Miss anggelinamenulis! She would also be very happy having the birthday cards if you’d like to send it to her. 😜