I have twin sisters. And, one of the things I haven’t told anyone is that between the twins, there is one who struggles autism. One that is always happy every day, and has taught me to be happy too. Life is good. Life is wonderful because there isn’t anything better than being yourself in front of the people, and tell them you are different.

When they were 10 months, the twins got diarrhea and vomiting. My Mom went to see a physician and got the medicine home. But, I don’t know how they got medicine poisoning. I think it’s because they were too small and young to consume such lots of medicine. One was safe, but the one needed more hospital treatment. For instance, she got back to the first time she was born after the treatment. She couldn’t stand up, but she could just lay on the mattress. She even couldn’t speak a word as she was whereas more active and remembered more words than her twin before.

I don’t really know this is right or not. Autism is usually diagnosed by a doctor, or maybe specifically diagnosed by the pediatrician if they are children. My family had brought her to doctors, hoping there could be a ‘name’ for the traits. If we had known the name, it could be easier to treat her, right? But, there wasn’t professional in that kind of things who said that (I mean in my hometown). All of them said she was fine.

We had sent her to almost every kind of treatments, like psychologist and clinics also by otolaryngologist saying she was just having the ‘Speech Delay’ symptoms. That means she will speak one day, but they can’t predict when. There wasn’t anything we had to be afraid of her condition according to him. “She will speak, but it will take more time” he said to us. As she listened her own diagnosis by him, she took a very good position. She smiled all the time in the clinic like she understood what he said. πŸ˜€

She is now 11 years old. Fortunately, she can stand up and run now. She can speak a few words. And, I think it’s better than not. Without having the real diagnose, we make a personal conclusion depending on the character and behavior she makes. To me, we can say a person is autistic or not isn’t something with a proof theoretically. For example, when we diagnose a person with tumor. It means we can see the bump of the area that has tumor. But, in this case, autistic is diagnosed by its emotional observation. So, because the doctors in my hometown never wanted to say about the autism, so I think it’s right if we observe her ourselves. Then, we can give the special treatment for her in  her daily life, like vitamins and supplements.

Everyone has the Same Opportunity of Being Happy

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She is overactive at some time. She also has the tantrum temper. For example, she never wants people to hold her stuff. She sometimes even wants to take the others’ stuff. If we don’t give it, she will be angry. If she is angry, she thinks it’s better to ruin it all. So, it’s very important to take care of her anger to control herself. I sometimes wanted to test her wondering if she couldn’t hear the voices because she was difficult to speak. So, I asked her to take me a ballpoint pen. She smiled a while before going back less than two minutes with the ballpoint pen in her hand and giving it to me. This also happened when I asked her to take anything even if the things were not related each other. For example, I had asked her first to take the ballpoint pen, then I asked her to take an apple, afterwards I asked her for the socks. And, she still could take all of them to me.

Being autistic means you have two worlds in your brain thinking. The two worlds are divided into the real world and the imagination of autistic person’s world. I’ve ever watched one of the videos about how the world autistic person sees. And, if you also watch it, you know it’s very complicated. Bustle and hustle. Everything starts as your focus on the same time, and it’s made me dizzy just a minute from the video starts. But, if the autistic person can take the advantages from their point of view, it’s going to be a very creative thinking they can get. Anywhere they see the world is amazing and valuable. All is very detailed in their view. That’s why if I forget the put my bike key, I’ll ask her to take it and look for it. And, guess she usually can find the key! This is totally amazing. She is so extraordinary.

Rosie King who is also autistic in TEDMed 2014 delivered her speech titled ‘How Autism Freed Me to be Myself’ said that one of the things she can do because of her autism is much more ability rather than disability. She said, she got a very vivid imagination. The imagination makes her having an out of the box thinking. She also asked why people are so afraid of being different than normal. Then, she left the talk with a very beautiful question for us to examine, “If we can’t get inside the person’s minds, no matter if they’re autistic or not, instead of punishing anything that strays from normal, why not celebrate uniqueness and cheer every time someone unleashes their imagination?”

My autistic sister may not be that ‘normal’. Normal is a word we make ourselves to define we are ideal. Does it really mean that? I don’t think so. Ideal is about how category you think you should get to take your best. Just like when you define a beautiful girl and not a beautiful girl physically, or when you try to answer how love comes from. So, my sister is ideal in her way she wants her to be. I love my autistic sister. It’s never be a shame for me to introduce her to the world because she is the sister I love just like all of my sisters and brother. She is different and cute. She is smart and cheerful. She is very optimistic. She is an exceptional child that needs the special treatment. And who need the special treatment are those who are incredible. The autistic person has that 100% of our mind, it’s just like how the 100% spreads not that ‘normal’ according to common people.

Look like Albert Einstein who is very well-known with his relativity theory. Leonardo da Vinci who could write upside-down and backward at the same time, and being a very great painter. Isaac Newton who is very famous for its Newton theory of gravity. And, Beethoven as the deaf composer, and many more. They all are who we say figures with ‘mental illness’. But in the reality, they are higher than that definition ‘normal’.

Why Should be Normal If We Can be that Extraordinary

Autistic or whatever you define ‘normal’, we should respect everyone. They all have the same chance for having friends, education, occupation, treatment, and dreams. I should also leave you with the second question after Rosie King asked you with. The question I want you to think is:

“Why should be normal if we can be that extraordinary?” – anggelinamenulis.

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