“Violence is not something rare. It started a long time ago. People then thought how to stop violence to make a better world which is why we have rules in every country about how to act toward others.

The subjects that experience violence are not just people with incapability on something, for example, physical defect or mental illness. Children who play all day long have to feel how hurt to be hit by their parents because they don’t want to study.

Nowadays, violence develops its definition wider. When we talk how some people treat dogs to be eaten by striking and kicking them until they die in some parts of Indonesian regions we know there is something wrong happening.

The world finally is afraid of what we are facing right now. The United Nations makes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the goals is goal 16 about Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. But, I still wonder about what is happening in the part of the world like in Palestine.

That’s why I want to take a part in the campaign about End Violence which Voices of Youth held by this Blogging Internship. I want everyone has the same chance to get their ‘human rights’. I want everyone has the same chance to be respected by others.

I had seen violence directly since I was a kid. When your parents quarreled, you knew it hurt to do nothing. Therefore, I firmly believe I can also contribute to the way how we want violence ends. If by writing I can help the world, then I ask you why not.”

This is my YouTube video about this writing:


Note: The writing above had been submitted to Voices of Youth in order to apply for the Blogging Intership. Even though I was not selected to participate, I will never stop writing. We decide our decision. And I decide my own decision.