My name is Anggelina Purnama. People usually call me Angel (the antonym of the word ‘devil’, lol). You can also call me Anggel, Anggelina, or maybe Nana. Nana sounds so cute to me, but until today there is none calling me Nana, ehehe.

“I am alive, and I am wondering how someone lives without having dreams. I am cheerful and enthusiastic! 😁 I like learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and sharing experiences each other. I love writing, reading, observing, etc.”

Anyway, I am now majoring in Chemistry at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I live most of my life in Belinyu, Bangka for studying my formal schools until I graduated from SMAN 1 Belinyu, Bangka. I have one elder sister, twins younger sisters, and one younger brother. I love my family as well. I also wanna say that I love English a lot, and the world as usual. 😜

“I am conscientious, hard working, reliable, funny, serious sometimes, love humor, flexible, tolerant, ambitious, and easy-going. I can sometimes be so panic about something if I don’t prepare it very well. But, because of that, I can make sure my schedule organized, being efficient and on time, and also doing the best as I can”

Enjoy my simple blog with the funny knowledge. Hopefully, you read and see it with laugh and love as always. Have a happy day with happiness happily.

“What thing you love is not the thing you say you love it, but the thing you love is the thing you try to love it” – anggelinamenulis.