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My Own Quotes

My Own Quote #3: Nature Will

"Nature will help me​ ease my pain today. So, I should be a nice partner. I should be happy" - anggelinamenulis. I will have a final exam in these two weeks and then it's holiday! Can't wait for the holiday... Continue Reading →

My Own Quote #2: The Most Important is…

"The beautiful way to live your life is faithful. But the most important is cheerful" - anggelinamenulis . It seems like my own quote is more favorable than the other quotes from the famous persons I've posted here. Does it... Continue Reading →

My Own Quote #1: Tell Me

"Tell me if there could be anything else, except leaving. Tell me if I can hold it out, and believe" - anggelinamenulis. Hi, everyone! So far as I post quotes from the famous persons of the world to understand what we together... Continue Reading →

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